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4 Indoor triathlons in 2016

Kamloop’s Triathlon Club Runners Sole Indoor Triathlon 2015

Indoor triathlons began in the 1980s in Europe and Asia as invitation-only events for top professionals. Since their introduction a decade later in North America, the Canadian triathlon scene has seen a growth in indoor triathlons over recent years. Triathletes across Canada interested in participating in an indoor triathlon this year should check out these upcoming events.

Personal Best McMaster Indoor Tri

Coach Barrie Shepley and his company Personal Best are hosting two indoor triathlons this year. There’s still time to register for Race #2, taking place on the afternoon of January 31st at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Join local triathletes and tri clubs at this popular indoor triathlon with a 15 minute pool swim, 15 minute ride and 15 minute run on the track. Triathletes earn points based on the distances they go in each leg and the most points accumulated wins the event.

Kamloops Triathlon Club: Runners Sole 4 x Mixed Relay Indoor Triathlon

For triathletes on the west coast, the Kamloops Triathlon Club (British Columbia) is hosting a unique 4 x mixed relay indoor triathlon on January 31st. Triathletes compete in a four-member mixed relay team with each member completing the full triathlon and then tagging the next member.

Swim, Row, Go!

University of Toronto hosts its annual Swim, Row, Go! indoor triathlon at their Athletic Centre. For triathletes familiar with the rowing machine, this is a great spin on the swim, bike, run format and a chance to test your leg power with a new sport. Triathletes will spend 15 minutes in the centre’s 50 metre pool, eight minutes on the rowing machine and 15 minutes running on the track. The event takes place January 31st.

Tri-It Ultra Spin

For those in Calgary, Alberta, this spinning event isn’t be an indoor triathlon but it attracts many triathletes in the area and is still a great chance to get competitive in the early training season. The event raises money for Mitocanada with a five hour spin-a-thon. This event takes place on January 9th.