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2015 DATEV Challenge Roth race video released

DATEV Challenge Roth has released its 2015 race highlights video from the event which took place on July 12 in Roth, Germany. Among the most prestigious events on the circuit, the race attracted 250,000 spectators along the course. Entries for the 2016 race sold out in under a minute, but a few secured spots will be up for auction on December 6 at 12 noon CET. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

To document the excitement and magnitude of the event, organizers put together a 30-minute video to give viewers the behind the scenes scoop.  Nils Frommhold of Germany and Yvonne van Vlerken of the Netherlands won the 2015 race. It was van Vlerken’s third time winning in Roth which she did in a time of 8:50: 53. Frommhold won in 7:51:28 over the notoriously fast course.