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14 Ways to make next week’s triathlon training go more smoothly



Get a head start on your training next week by planning ways to make it go more smoothly. February in Canada isn’t the nicest time of year and for many triathletes, motivation and energy are low. If you’re looking for ways to successfully tackle another week of winter training, here are our 14 tips.

1. Hide your alarm clock. How easy is it to just roll over and hit snooze? Here’s an idea: if you hide the alarm clock, you’ll be forced to get out of your half-asleep state as you get out of bed. No more regretting that extra 20 minutes of sleep which made you miss your early morning swim practice.

2. Cook three meals instead of one. Increasing the portions called for in tonight’s stir fry recipe means you don’t have to bother cooking tomorrow night or the night after. The evening will be yours to throw in a yoga session, trainer ride, run or just catch up on rest.

3. Eat more vegetables. If you’re not always energetic enough to get out for a workout, your diet could be part of the home-cookingproblem. Increasing the amounts of vegetables in one’s diet never hurt. It can only do good. Buy a big batch this week and make a point of using it all up.

4. Download a podcast episode for each solo run early this week. The podcast saves triathletes from those monotonous rides and runs. If you know that you’re going to have to do three of this week’s workout alone, plan ahead and download episodes that you’ll enjoy. Doing this will save you from spending time trying to pick one right before the workout and it will also give you something to look forward to when the workout doesn’t feel interesting.

5. Throw a fun cross-training activity into the mix. Maybe it’s cross-country skiing, maybe it’s Crossfit. If you’re looking forward to it, you’re more likely to do it.

6. Run to work. It may not be a great time of year for outdoor riding, but winter running can be lots of fun. Try the run-commute to get in some extra mileage before or after your work day.

7. Start your day with an inspirational book or video. If you’re an early bird, this one’s easy. Carve out some time first thing in the morning to read a part of an inspirational book or watch a couple motivational videos. It will set the zone for your day.

8. Choose one goal for this week and tackle it. Make it a realistic one— it doesn’t matter if it’s small.

9. Schedule in recovery time as well as your workouts. It’s a common mistake. We plan the swim, bike and run workouts. Every one of these has a place in the week. But how often do you block off time to rest from doing these activities?

10. Make hydration fun. Dehydration is a great way to zap energy. Treat yourself with your favourite smoothies of fresh juices this week to stay hydrated.

11. Have a few minutes to kill? Throw in some strength moves. Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re waiting for the coffee to brew or for the laundry to finish drying, we have moves that will make you more fit.

12. Make it social. For many of us, the workout goes much faster when done with friends. Get into an interesting conversation and before you know it, you’re more than halfway done.

13. Bust out the foam roller… then roll some more. How do you make training go easier this week and next? Avoid getting injured. Roll out all those tight muscles before they become a problem.

14. Pick a time and don’t allow yourself to be late! You schedule in your appointments, meetings and coffee dates with friends. This week, make the fitness schedule no different. If you aim to do four runs this week at 7:00 p.m., stick to it and see how that goes.