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100-year-old sets 5 world records at the track

-By Scott Leitch

Don Pellman, who recently turned 100, showed the world he’s not finished competing yet, setting five world age class records at the San Diego Senior Olympics last weekend.

Pellman, who lives in an assisted living home in Santa Clara with his wife, competed in the event and was shadowed by New York Times reporter Karen Crouse.

Running the 100m, Pellman set the age class record for athletes over 100, finishing in 26.99, almost three seconds faster than the previous mark of 29.83 set in 2010 by Japan’s Hidekichi Miyazaki.

Pellamn became the first person over 100 to clear a mark in the high jump. He also set records in the shot put, discus and long jump. He also holds multiple age class records in the 90-94 and 95-99 age classes.

The centenarian was a gymnast and athlete in his youth, competing in the high jump in college, but gave up the sport when he began working. It wasn’t until he retired in the 1970s when Pellman decided to compete again. Since then, he’s reportedly competed in 127 meets.