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Bob Knuckey: Canada’s only world champion at Kona

Bob Knuckey the 2018 M70-74 Ironman World Champion. Photo: Barrie Shepley.

On October 13th, 2018, Bob Knuckey, a member of the C3 triathlon club in Caledon, Ontario, won the men’s 70-74 age group at the Ironman World Championship.

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At 70 years old, Knuckey crossed the line in 11:55:03. He is the first 70-year-old male to break 12 hours in Kona and the only Canadian to win their age group in Kona this year.

In 1978, the winner of the first Ironman took 11:46 to complete the course. Forty years later, Knuckey was only 10 minutes behind the mark. When he crossed the line, the crowd roared once they heard he won in under 12 hours.

With less than 400m to go, Knuckey fell and sustained an abrasion to his head, one that would require six stitches to close. After a few seconds on the ground, he got up and continued his march for the line to become world champion. The feat was truly remarkable and a testament to his determination, years of dedication and a system of support. Here is a video from Knuckey’s final hundred metres.