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In it For the Long Run
With more and more athletes competing into their late ’70s and ’80s, older athletes are taking up the sport and busting boundaries, myths about aging and a whole lot of records. Theresa Wallace profiles this emerging trend and celebrates those for whom age is just a number.

Becoming a Triathlete: The Ideal Sport
Triathlon has a lot to offer kids, but access to the sport can be tough. Merrell Canada and a handful of passionate advocates are trying to change that. Find out how youth-based triathlon programs are getting kids hooked on the sport.

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Warm up

Club Profile
Edmonton Triathlon Academy

Tri Tip
Preventing shoulder injury

Canadian Race
Niagara Falls Barrelman

Elite Profile
Chantell Widney

What’s new/What’s hot

Pro Kit
Jenny Fletcher’s Trek Speed Concept 9 Series

Racing Weight Cookbook

Age Group Profile
Victor Wong

Angela Naeth, New Iron Logistics, Mont-Tremblant Purse

Gear Review

GPS Units
Garmin Vector Pedals
Compression Gear
Tri Shoes


Feature 8 steps to half success
Swim Open water Olympic wisdom
Bike Find your optimal cadence
Run Should you change your gait
Nutrition Replenish to recover
Tri Tastes Greens, eggs and yams

Finish Line
Travel Santa Cruz Triathlon
Podium Graham Fraser reflects