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The worst holiday gifts to get a triathlete

You may want to avoid buying any of these items for your triathlete this holiday...

It’s the season of gift-giving, and triathletes can be a tricky bunch to buy for if you don’t know much about the sport. We asked some of our readers for the worst gifts you can get a triathlete — and then threw in some safe bet options to help you out, too.

A race entry

“Who knows if they’ll actually be able to compete.”

A meeting with a financial planner …

“… that will make them realize that retirement looks a lot more affordable (and attainable) when you aren’t addicted to such an expensive sport.”

Ironman branded gear

“Especially if the athlete hasn’t done one. Those who have, have too much anyways.”

A crossfit membership

“One obsession is enough.”

Gift certificates for rounds of golf

Golf or long ride? Golf or long run? Don’t do this to us …

A power meter*

“*that’s not compatible with your cranks. Chalk one up for the ‘so close yet so far’ category. This gift is tantalizingly close to being great, but alas it’s just a tease.”

An all-white tri suit

There really are very few who can get away with it.

Safe bets

Our team of triathletes recommend these options as the best stocking stuffers and larger gifts for the multisport lover in your life:

STAC virtual wind tunnel scan

“Wind tunnels are super expensive, but the STAC virtual wind tunnel scan lets you get similar data at a fraction of the price. It’s a great way to find some low hanging aero improvements.”

Gift card to a local bike shop

“More and more people are buying online, but we still need to support our local bike shops. A gift card is a great way to get that triathlete into the door of a LBS bike overhaul – it’s amazing how many people never maintain their bike. You’ll feel like you have a whole new bike after an overhaul.”

Gift cards for food

“Always a win.”

Zwift membership

We’re going to be indoors for a while.

Magic5 or Form goggles

The custom made Magic5 goggles are truly awesome, while Form’s heads-up display goggles are great for pool or open water swimming.