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Corsair E – $900 USD

Steve Hed was the man Lance Armstrong consulted for the design of his bars as he dominated the Tour de France, so why wouldn’t the rest of us want one of his designs on our bike? These super-aero aero bars offer lots of adjustment while remaining extremely stiff and responsive. They are UCI legal and also offer Shimano Di2 compatibility. Unlike the regular Corsair, the E doesn’t come with brake levers so you can use your choice – including the Di2 levers that come with the gruppo.

Velocity M Speedsuit – $200

Now that Ironman racing has banned any suits with neoprene in non-wetsuit swims, those looking for an edge in the water have been challenged to find some new options. One of those is the lightweight (85 g, men’s small) Velocity M Speedsuit, which uses hydrophobic material for drag reduction, has strategic panels for compression and fit and is made up of composite woven material to ensure lots of flexibility.

Race Trainer Pro – $410

Thanks to an innovative design that puts the face of the Race Trainer Pro on the side of your wrist, you don’t have to twist your arm to be able to see your time or heart rate. This is especially helpful while riding on the aerobars. The Race Trainer Pro is simple to use, but also boasts lots of training features. Once you’re done, the watch wirelessly syncs with your computer so you can download and analyze your training data online. Once you’ve started to use the Race Trainer Pro you’ll love it and will wonder why all your watches don’t sit in the same spot on your wrist.

Compression Clone (2 Pairs) Full Tight $340; Thigh Length $300

One of the original compression manufacturers, CEP has taken compression wear to an entirely new level with Clone. These custom tights use the graduated medical compression we’re used to seeing in CEP products, but in a fully-customized format that is measured to fit your legs precisely (more than 21 different measurements are taken to ensure an exact fit). Thigh length or full tights are available in either an open- or close-toed format.

R:1 – $480

The new Silicone X Skin (SXS) coating on the Yamamoto neoprene that’s used throughout this suit helps you slip through the water. The R:1 also features 3D print Catch Panels and 2XU’s unique Rollbar to help you hold your form through the water. There are Floating Zip Panels to keep you high in the water and Velocity Strakes to provide even more power as you pull. The 1.5mm Underarm/Shoulder Paneling provides maximum flexibility and a 4.5mm Front Buoyancy Panel.-