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What’s New / What’s Hot: Reflective Gear

Triathlon Magazine Canada T1 Pro magnetic race beltT1 Pro Magnetic Race Belt $30; t1belt.com
The T1 Pro Race Belt makes for really fast transitions and it’s also incredibly comfortable. With its strong magnetic buckle, there will be no more fumbling with the latch. It features adjustable lace locks for race numbers. It’s available with or without elastic loops for gels, or other racing or training needs. A silicone strip inside the belt keeps it firmly in place.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Nathan Light Spur

Nathan’s Light Spur $28; nathansports.com
With over 100 hours of illumination this multi-setting, lightweight and waterproof heal spur attaches to the heel of your running or cycling shoe. While it is bright and highly noticeable, wearers will barely notice it.

Triathlon Magazine Canada I Bungee Speed Laces

Ibungee Stretch Laces $6; speedlaces.com
In the world of fast transitions ibungees stand out for ease of use and effectiveness. They slip on and off but stay firmly in place while you run with a tension adjustment lock. Speed laces remove the friction of standard laces making for a comfortable fit without pressure points. Ibungee now comes in five additional ref lective colours to ensure you’re seen on your night runs and early morning miles.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Ion-Designs

Ion Designs $4–$12; iondesigns.ca
Easy to apply ref lective Ion decals make your gear your own and keep you safe in low light. These iron-on transfers are suitable for most materials. They stick in just 20 to 30 seconds and are machine washable. Custom design your own team or club logos or send your ideas to Ion and they will design them at no extra charge.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Castelli-T1-Stealth-Top

Castelli T1 Stealth Top $200; castelli-cycling.com
We’ve all seen the world’s top time trial riders using their long sleeve shirts for increased aerodynamics – the idea is that some materials will cut through the wind much faster than your own skin. Castelli has now come up with a jersey you can wear in a triathlon to replicate that effect. According to Castelli’s research, the T1 top will save you over three minutes over the course of an Ironman bike ride. The long-sleeve shirt reduces aerodynamic drag and offers protection from the sun. The sleeves even change colour when they get hot, providing a visual reminder to douse your arms with water.