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What you NEED to know about your first wetsuit

Wetsuits are great, but they are a bit tricky to get on and off. They also take some time to get comfortable in. So here are a few things you need to know before you wiggle into your first wetsuit.

1. It’s a tight squeeze.

2. Body glide. This can make all the difference – the glide reduces friction around the neck and makes getting the suit on and off easier.

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3. Wear gloves. Clip your nails and use gloves. The last thing you need is ripping a hole in a suit before a race, especially if it is a fancy new suit. Usually, gloves are provided with the wetsuit.

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4. Keep those plastic bags. Put a bag on each foot – they make sliding into the wetsuit much easier.

5. Find a good (helpful) friend. It helps to have a friend to put on your wetsuit.

6. Practice putting on and taking off.

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7. Pee in it… we all do it, right?

8. Swim in it (a lot) before a race – get comfortable.

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9. Find a strong looking wetsuit stripper. At most triathlons, race organizers will have volunteers at the swim exit to help you get off your wetsuit.

10. Hose down your wetsuit. After a race, get all the sand or debris you make pick up off the suit.