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Wahoo releases new performance features for Rival watch

Firmware update offers new smartwatch and training features

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Wahoo jumped into the multisport watch market last fall with the launch of the Elemnt Rival – you can read our review of the new watch here.  Today the company released the first of three firmware updates planned for the watch that are coming over the next few months.

iOS users will enjoy the additional notifications on the watch, which improves the smartwatch capabilities of the Rival. For us the addition of Whatsapp notifications was an immediate bonus, but other Apps now supported include Signal, Telegram, Line and Wechat.

Included in this first update are some additional training features that will make the watch more friendly for Zwift runners along with some enhanced training tools.

You can now broadcast running pace and cadence, which means Zwift runners will be able to use the Rival in place of a footpod. The Rival can connect via Bluetooth or ANT+. The other update is a Start/Un-Pause reminder that detects motion while manually paused during an activity and not restarted, so you won’t lose any training info.

The new updates help for both training and every day use with the new watch – it will be interesting to see what further features we’ll see over the next few months.