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Ventum announces new gravel bike

Photos of Ventum's new gravel bike in action

Photo by: Ventum

Triathletes know Ventum as the makers of the unique aerodynamic triathlon bikes that have become a fixture at triathlon races around the world, but the company has been branching out over the last few years. In 2019 the company introduced the NS1 road bike, which weighed in at a scant 14.9 pounds fully configured while maintaining the Ventum aero and performance mantra.

Photo: Ventum

With gravel becoming the biggest trend in the cycling world right now, it comes as no surprise that Ventum’s latest launch would be geared towards off-road riding. The GS1 features a longer top tube, relaxed steering and a compact cockpit, so it is “built to be secure and predictable,” and offers “off-road comfort and versatility without sacrificing speed,” according to a release from the folks at Ventum.

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Triathletes will be able to dial in some of the ride dynamics of their GS1. You can choose between 650b or 700c wheels and, thanks to the Dual-Offset fork that offers either 45 mm or 50 mm positions, you can tune the ride to be more stable or to provide quicker steering response. That means you’ll be able to design the bike to fit your preferred riding conditions – more technical off-road efforts, or dirt roads and gravel trail excursions.

Photo: Ventum

Builds for the GS1 start at US$2,899 for a SRAM Force mechanical gruppo. The Shimano GRX Di2 build starts at $5,499, while a bike specced with the SRAM Red AXS Mullet 1x groupset will start at US$6,599.

Ventum will offer wheel and fork options with the GS1. Photo: Ventum
Opting for 700c wheels and a more relaxed fork angle will make for an easier cruising experience. Photo: Ventum
The GS1 features a longer top tube, slacker steering and a compact cockpit. Photo: Ventum