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Under Armour launches SlipSpeed, the versatile slip-on training shoe

A performance training shoe with a convertible heel design

Photo by: Under Armour

Sometimes putting on shoes is an effort–there’s a reason why Crocs are so popular! Many young athletes and runners will crush the back of their training shoes instead of taking 10 seconds to tie them up. But you need an alternative to Crocs for the gym.

Looking to satisfy young athletes who can’t be bothered to tie their shoes, Under Armour has created the revolutionary UA SlipSpeed–a training shoe versatile enough to go from performance training to recovery mode in seconds with a convertible heel.

Photo: Under Armour

When an athlete crushes the heel of a traditional shoe, it deteriorates the shoe’s performance. The UA SlipSpeed features heel-folding technology that gives athletes a comfy underfoot experience without compromising performance. The shoe also features a BOA-fit lacing system that delivers an adjustable, personalized fit to secure your feet for squat reps or mobility exercises.

Photo: Under Armour

If you’re rocking the SlipSpeed, you won’t need to bring another pair of shoes with you, so no matter whether you have a high-impact activity, short run, or casual wear planned, it’s comfortable and flexible enough for both, thanks to the crushable heel and BOA lacing system.

Level up your training and get a shoe engineered for maximum comfort, style and performance with options for all-day wear. Do not look past the UA SlipSpeed, which you can get online at underarmour.ca for CAD $190.