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Tri-friendly trainer: Asics Gel Nimbus Lite

All-around shoe with lots to offer multisport athletes

If you’re an Asics fan, and like the Gel Nimbus series of shoes, you’re likely going to love the Gel Nimbus
Lite, which offers lots of cushioning and support with a softer feel than the regular Nimbus. At 275 g
and with a 10 mm drop, it’s easy to keep your legs turning over while wearing this stylish shoe, making it a great choice for everything from tempo efforts to long runs, and even an option for those looking for a more supportive shoe for long races.

Once you start running in the Nimbus Lite you immediately feel the benefits of all the  technology Asics has packed into the shoe. Gel is used in the forefoot and rearfoot to provide a soft, cushioned feel. The one-piece midsole features FlyteFoam that incorporates Cellulose Nanofiber, a sustainable material that increases the durability of the foam. That, coupled with the AHAR outsole, provides lots of durability with the shoe, so you can be confident you’ll get some decent mileage out of it. The soft, breathable upper uses recycled material and offers a snug, comfortable fit.

Running in the Nimbus Lite is a treat – you get a surprisingly cushioned ride in a lightweight shoe that is easy to roll over, so you can up the tempo of your run with ease. Having had a couple of knee surgeries over the years, I need a shoe that offers a lot of cushioning, but also needs to be flexible so I can easily move from my heel to my toe with ease. The Nimbus Lite offered all that and more – it flexed nicely and the 10-mm drop made it really easy to stay forward through my running stride. For those of us dealing with ongoing leg issues, the Nimbus Lite is definitely worth checking out.

Triathletes often gravitate to lightweight trainers as their go to shoes for that reason – they want a shoe that will provide some welcome cushioning for tired legs that have already pushed hard through a bike ride, but is still designed for fast running. Asics has hit that balance nicely with the Nimbus Lite.

If you can handle a neutral shoe and aren’t the type of triathlete who has a number of different styles of shoes for different types of runs, the Nimbus Lite is definitely worth a look. This is a shoe that does well when you need to go fast, but has enough support and cushioning to get you through a long run, too. That combination makes it a very viable race-day shoe for most, especially for longer distance races. That’s why the Nimbus Lite is likely to be popular for most multisport enthusiasts – like them, it is an all-around performer.

The Gel Nimbus Lite retails for $200.