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Trek launches its most aero helmet yet – check out the new Ballista

Trek releases new versions of the Ballista (aero) and Velocis (lightweight) that offer triathletes some great aero options

Triathlon and cycling fans will have the chance to wear the innovative helmets they’ve seen the Trek-Segafredo team sporting at the Tour and other cycling events with the launch of the next generation of the Ballista and Velocis helmets. The new helmets will fit under the under the Trek brand, as opposed to the Bontrager brand, as the company slowly moves its helmet and apparel categories to Trek.

Thanks to collaboration with the Trek-Segafredo team, triathletes will get to enjoy the benefits of either aero and lightweight helmet options for training and racing. The two helmets will be available as of today, and will retail for CDN$400.


Aero speedster

Triathletes will be most interested in the new Ballista helmet, which was designed in conjunction with the members of the Trek-Segafredo team to prioritize aerodynamics. The new helmet features a unique shape and a “air trip,” new vent design and internal channels that combined make this the fastest helmet Trek has ever produced. The new version of the Ballista provides 5.4 watts of power saving over the previous version of the helmet (at 45 km/h). While it won’t be as cool as the Velocis (more on that below), there’s still lots of ventilation in the new helmet thanks to the strategically placed vents, and it remains surprisingly light at 275 g for the CPSC US version.

Beveled front

No-doubt the result of feedback from the pro riders, Trek’s engineers did a line-of-sight study to understand the range of view a rider should have in an aero position, and introduced a beveled edge to the front of the Ballista for enhanced visibility.

Mips safety technology

Both the Ballista and Velocis helmets will feature Mips safety technology, which provides the lightweight and maximal cooling properties that the folks at Trek-Segafredo were looking for in these high-performance helmets. Both helmets also feature a BOA S series micro-adjustable dial that ensures a comfortable fit.

Lightweight wonder

The Velocis is the lightest helmet that Trek makes, weighing just 260 g. The redesigned ventilation in the helmet improves cooling by 38 per cent, while it’s also more aerodynamic than previous versions.