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Top sunglasses for riding and running this season

Triathlon Magazine Canada Shimano CE EQX2 PH Equinox


by Kevin Mackinnon

Looking for some new sunglasses this year? Wrestling with trying to find something that you’ll be happy to train with, but also wear around town? Our yearly look at some of the latest models available offered some pleasant surprises – some high-performance sunglasses that are as good looking as they are functional.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Bolle Bolt

Bollé Bolt
Designed for cycling (but certainly light enough to be comfortable on the run, too), the Bolt offers interchangeable lenses so you’ll be ready for all conditions. The Thermogrip temple arms and nose pads keep them firmly on your face, while the light, vented frame is extremely comfortable to wear. The bClear lenses offer impressive clarity and are available in many different tints. We reviewed the tns Fire neutral grey lens with a multi-layer red mirror that did a great job in almost all conditions, providing clarity in low-light while ref lecting glare in bright conditions.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Shimano CE EQX2 PH Equinox
Shimano CE-EQX2-PH Equinox
We’re all familiar with Shimano when it comes to cycling components and their eyewear lives up to their reputation for delivering first-class products. The cnc moulded frame uses tpe temple tips with a Katana pattern to ensure the Equinox glasses will stay firmly on your face. Our review pair came with three lenses, a photochromic lens that went from clear to a brown-grey tint that would get you through virtually any light conditions. If you’re worried that it might get too bright, though, Shimano includes a blue mirror lens, along with a clear lens for riding when it’s dark. Like so much we’re used to seeing from Shimano, the Equinox offers lots of performance and value.

Oakley Feedback Triathlon Magazine Canada

Oakley Feedback
It’s the classic teardrop sunglass shape done in Oakley style. A metal front is combined with an acetate stem, making the Feedback the ultimate for fashion/active use. You get great eye coverage along with a comfortable head wrap, all in a surprisingly lightweight pair of sunglasses that you’ll be happy to wear out or use for a workout. The double-nose bridge style offers lots of adjustment, comfort and a snug fit. Our review model featured polarized lenses which minimized glare and provided outstanding viewing.

Oakley RPM Edge Triathlon Magazine Canada

Oakley RPM Edge
Featuring Italian styling, these semi-rimless sport performance glasses offer either square or edge-shaped lenses so you can pick the best style to suit your face. Don’t let the stylish looks fool you, though, the rpm is great for training and racing. The lightweight frame is optimized for women’s fit and the thin double-bridge design provides lots of unobstructed vision. The impact-resistant interchangeable lenses filter out harmful light. We loved the optional Iridium-coated lenses (reviewed) that reduced glare. Polarized lenses are also available.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Ryders Stider

Ryders Strider
The rimless design of the Strider offers unobstructed views, even when you’re down on your aero bars, and helps keep the weight low. There are anti-slip nose pads to keep the glasses in place (they stick more as you sweat) and the rubber temples are extremely comfortable, too. The photochromic grey lens transmits 15 to 47 per cent of visible light, making this a great option for almost any light conditions.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Assos Zegho Noire

Assos Zegho Noire
Like everything Switzerland’s Assos does, the Zegho screams fashion and performance. These futuristic-looking sunglasses aren’t just cool to look at – they feature polyamide coated lenses designed and produced by Carl Zeiss Vision, which offer a full 180 degree field of vision and zero optical distortion. The Tunnel View lens go from dark to clear about two thirds of the way down, which is the Assos answer to photochromic technology – there’s no need to wait for the lenses to change, all you need to do when you’re bombing down a steep descent and suddenly enter a tunnel is tilt your head. All that impressive lens technology is held on by a lightweight frame with a flexible nosepiece, ensuring lots of comfort to go along with all the performance.