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The swim gear you need this season

Swimming is possibly the most technical of all three disciplines in triathlon, which is why the sport seems to lend itself so nicely to the various accessories designed to improve your stroke and technique. The best swimmers never arrive at a workout without a bag full of goodies to work with, and neither should you. Here are a few items that will do well in your mesh training bag this season.

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Blueseventy Synergie Paddles – $24

Go to any swim workout, especially with a bunch of elite triathletes, and you’ll see them doing lots of pulling work with paddles. Strength is a key component to good triathlon swimming, and using paddles is a great way to work on that aspect of your stroke. That said, too much can be a bad thing when it comes to paddles. Bluseventy’s Synergie Paddles come in two sizes to ensure that you won’t bite off more than your shoulders can chew when it comes to working hard in the water. Designed with a classic shape that’s perfect for those training in the pool or planning on using the paddle for swim-run racing, the Synergie paddles have multiple holes to allow water to flow through and provide lots of options for strapping the silicone tubes to keep them on your hands comfortably and effectively.

Dare2Tri Waterproof Sportsbag – $86

It’s hard to keep all your clothes and equipment dry when it’s sitting on a pool deck, but the Waterproof Sportsbag will take care of that issue. In addition to the waterproof material, this functional bag has lots of compartments to store your equipment and keep wet and dry items separate after your session, too.

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Madwave Upwave Kickboard and Extreme Paddles – $36, kickboard; $25, paddles

Working on your kick can be a critical to help improve your swimming – a poor kick can actually create a back force in the water, pulling you backwards rather than helping you move forward. The Upwave kickboard helps you get into a better body position for kicking thanks to the durable EVA material and hydrodynamic shape that reduces drag through the water. The Extreme Paddles come in three sizes and are a great way to improve strength and increase efficiency. Specially designed flow holes enhance your feel for the water, while the adjustable silicone straps are designed to fit any sized hand.

Speedo Switchblade Fin – $40

The innovative rubber Switchblade Fin uses a 10 degree blade angle that keeps your legs engaged throughout your kick, which will help you to develop better technique by emphasizing the down motion (which moves you forward) and help you increase your kick cadence. The foot pocket is deep and comfortably cups your entire food, while the sculpted side rails are great for drills and swimming as they make it easier to roll while still maintaining a good kick.

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Tyr Stryker Silicone fins – $60

For those who are looking to improve their kicking, a set of fins can make all the difference. The LFSTRKR fins can help you learn the correct way to do a flutter kick. Made of 100 per cent silicone, these extremely comfortable fins allow for free movement and, thanks to the short blade, will promote a proper kick that will propel you through the water. Available in lots of different sizes, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a pair that feels great and helps you move through the water more efficiently.