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Swim Toys: Training tools for the water

There’s no better time than the fall to work on your swim technique. Not only can you give your body a bit of a break from all the pounding you’ve put it through during the season, taking some time to work on your technique will pay huge dividends in races next summer. With that in mind, we’ve reviewed some swim gear that is sure to help you make the most out of your swim training. We even reviewed a few products that will help the keeners who continue swimming in open water late into the fall.


Speedo Contoured Swim Paddle
Once your technique is good enough to benefit from some added resistance training in the water, swim paddles are a great way to improve your stroke mechanics. Speedo’s contoured swim paddles come in three sizes and have strategically placed holes to help develop your feel for the water. The contoured shape allows you to develop the correct sculling motion in your stroke.

TYR EBP Burner Fins
These fins have short blades, which are designed to enhance the frequency of your natural kick for optimal training and to help you develop a better kick. The high buoyancy rubber allows the fins to float, which encourages an elevated body position that helps stroke development. Perfect for speed sets, the short blades balance efforts in both the up and down kick.The ergonomic foot pocket ensures a comfortable fit, provides sufficient room around the forefoot and minimizes tendon strain. Featuring a gripping footpad, the fins feel firm at the wall, making for a strong and efficient push off. The colour coded sizing is based on men’s shoe sizes and, since they fit a little large, women should downsize one to two sizes.

Arena Pool Sandals
Thanks to the eva sole, these comfortable sandals will get you from the locker room to the pool deck and beyond in stylish comfort. The soft footbed also features a water drainage system, so you can keep these ergonomic sandals on in your post-workout shower, too. With lots of cushioning and a snug fit you’ll be quite comfortable wearing these away from the pool.


Arena Pull Kick
This two-in-one accessory is great for travelling or if you don’t want to carry too much in your swim bag. Designed to work both as a pull buoy and kickboard, this lightweight training aid has moulded hand grips and a leg channel to get you through both pull and kick sets during your next workout.

2XU Race Goggles
These high-performance goggles offer an exceptional low profile and a wide view. The polycarbonate lenses come with three different nosepieces for customized fitting. Straps with sequential width ensure minimal drag and a secure fit. The anti-fog design gives swimmers a clear view both under and over the water, making sighting effortless. Mirrored lenses make these an excellent choice for glaring sunrise race starts. Perhaps the most attractive feature, however, is the soft seal, which leaves minimal marking on your face while still firmly adhering around your eyes.


2XU Silicone Swim Cap
There’s nothing worse in the middle of a hard swim set than the feeling of your swim cap beginning to creep up your scalp, threatening to come right off. 2xu’s Silicone Performance Swim Cap stays put with its firm fit and streamlining effects. It stretches just enough, but without the excessive elasticity of some caps. With its matte underside, the cap won’t pull hair uncomfortably and, even with a ponytail tucked up under it, the cap covers ears effectively. A thicker silicone makes the performance cap a great choice for colder swims even as a base layer.


Blueseventy Swim Gloves
All swim gloves have webbed fingers to add resistance to your stroke. These ones address the problem of numb fingers with an insulation layer of neoprene so that you can concentrate on your open water session rather than the cold. The compression material in the wrist area keeps the gloves in place and reduces the amount of water that can enter. With four sizes, it’s easy to get a great fit.


Blueseventy Thermal Skull Cap
Upwards of 30 per cent of your body heat is lost through your head in the water. Realizing that, Blueseventy offers this 3 mm Yamamoto neoprene sleek cap that is lined with a thin layer of wool to keep in the heat. A broad central stretch panel decorated with racy silver stripes increases visibility in dim conditions and also allows the cap to fit a broad range of head sizes.–TMC