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Swim like Frodeno in the 2XU Propel Pro Wetsuit

A high quality wetsuit is always worth the investment

2XU, pronounced two times you, was founded by former world triathlon champion Jamie Hunt (NZL) and two Australian business partners Clyde Davenport and Aidan Clarke in 2005. From the beginning, 2XU has been committed to providing the best fabric quality for triathletes, from compression socks to wetsuits.

The Propel Pro Wetsuit is an example of the company’s commitment to triathlon and pursuit of maximizing human performance. Used by Olympic gold medalist, two-time IRONMAN world champion and world record holder, Jan Frodeno, this suit has the backing of possibly one of the top triathletes of this era.

Whether you are an elite triathlete or an age grouper, a high-quality wetsuit can make the difference from a podium finish or a personal best. For many the swim is stressful; you have to sight and push your way through a crowd of people in the water. For some, the swim is their strongest discipline and they thrive in the water. No matter where you are on the spectrum, a high-quality wetsuit is a key investment when you are a triathlete.

The wetsuit features 39 and 45 cell neoprene, and SCS coating, all incorporated to help you go faster. When using this wetsuit at IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka, I had a surprisingly good swim. My sighting was great, which is something that gives me stress, and I was moving through the field pretty well. I like to think my training helped, but honestly, the wetsuit seemed to give me a boost of confidence as I swam.

39 Cell technology is the one of the most buoyant neoprene currently available. On the Propel Pro, the thickness varies at different points on the body to maximize comfort, flexibility and buoyancy in the water. 45 Cell technology has been applied to the sleeves, improving your mobility around the shoulders. When in the suit you feel free to move as you please at the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. This comfort gave myself the confidence to sight more often, and I felt I didn’t have to work against the suit to lift my head or pull arms forward during my stroke.

Super Composite Skin (SCS), is a hydrodynamic silicone coating applied to the neoprene surface. Its micelle structure reduces the surface resistance when in contact with water. The lower resistance allows you to cut through the water faster.

The fit of this suit is pretty standard. Normally, based on the 2XU sizing chart I would be considered to be a men’s small, and fit on the lower range of a men’s medium. In the medium wetsuit, the arms may have been a tad too long, but I was very comfortable in the suit.

Available online starting from $799.95.