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Check out two new wetsuits that are new on the market.

Hurricane Cat 5 – $625

Whether you opt for the top-of-the line C5, or the entry level C1, you’ll enjoy all the engineering and testing TYR has put into the Hurricane wetsuits. The suits are designed to provide flexibility and movement just where you want it (shoulders, arms and hips), while the 360° Core Stabilization System helps you stay in the optimal body position in the water. Add to all that lightweight Yamamoto rubber and you have a speedy suit regardless of your price range. We especially like the C3, which manages to combine many of the features you’ll find in the C5 including super-flexible shoulders and an excellent fit, but uses slightly different material to keep the price down.

W Racer – $475
As much as we love the top-of-the-line Phantom, we can’t help but be impressed with AquaSphere’s W Racer, the companies most popular suit. Yamamoto rubber, an extremely comfortable Aqua-Flex collar, traction technology on the arms and Aqua-Grip leak resistant cuffs are just some of the many features on this suit, offering excellent value. Like the Phantom, the W Racer offers lots of core support to help you maintain a good body position and excellent flexibility in the shoulders for unencumbered swimming.

One Software Suite – $189

If you`re a CompuTrainer use (and, since they guarantee you`ll increase your speed by 10 percent, it might be worth it), you`ll want to look at the new RacerMate One Software Suite due out this fall.  No more switching between the various programs – all six CompuTrainer modes, including 3D, SpinScan and Read Course Video, are supported. You can also easily export your workouts to Training Peaks, too.  The new 3D Smart Pacers could become your favourite training partners this winter.