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Get the most out of your winter swim sessions

Triathlon Magazine Canada Swim Gear

Triathlon Magazine Canada Swim Gear

The winter months are perfect for spending extra time in the pool. If you’ve been wanting to get your stroke analyzed and corrected, there couldn’t be a better time. Maybe you’ve neglected every stroke but freestyle? Take these months to branch out while still building fitness. Get the most out of your swim sessions with this season’s newest swim gear and snazziest suits. You’ll both look and feel fast.

Arena Zoom x Fit Goggle $16 The classic shape of the Zoom allows it to fit most faces and the split strap is easily adjustable. The comfortable but tight seal is softened by the neoprene pad at the nose bridge. The Zoom gives wearers enhanced peripheral vision.

Arena Power Fin $45 Fins help teach you the most efficient body position to swim fast. Swimming above your normal speed allows your body to find the optimal streamline. Short fins add propulsion without restricting your kick.

Arena Trax Hand Paddle $22 Add resistance to your swim with the Trax hand paddle without compromising your technique. Starting the season with smaller paddles allows you to develop swim- specific strength progressively.

Blueseventy Hydravision (White Frame/Blue Lens) $24 It may be hard to find flattering goggles, but these look great. With increased peripheral view the Hydravision will carry over to the open water well. The seal is snug but our tester noticed the Hydravision left less pronounced goggle marks than many other goggles on the market.

Blueseventy Women’s Loop Dot Purple Swimsuit $55 This suit stands out for its bold design but also for its soft stretch Darwin fabric polyester, compressive fit and smooth feel. Unlike other chlorine-resistant, ultra durable suits, the Loop Dot has a slight shine to it typical only of Lycra suits. A novel strap design allows for optimal fit and makes an attractive cut-out back.

Speedo Competition Nose Clip $7 If you suffer from asthma, have a chlorine allergy, or are looking for a super-fast dolphin-kick off the wall during your backstroke, you may benefit from a nose clip. Speedo’s Profile Nose clip stays put without pinching.

Speedo Men’s Endurance and Snake Bit Jammer $56 Speedo’s Xtra life lycra fabric lasts five to 10 times longer than spandex and resists the effects of chlorine while making you look and feel fast. The Men’s Jammer adds moderate compression to your swim to reduce the effects of fatigue. It also features a drawstring waist and f latlock stitching makes for a streamlined fit.

TYR Women’s Disco Inferno Cut Out Back Swimsuit $75 You’re certain to stand out in this performance suit. With a cut out back and thin straps, the fit is f lattering and eye-catching. The chlorine proof Durafast Elite material lasts over 300 hours and doesn’t overly stretch. It is sure to help you hit some training PBs this winter.

TYR Silicone Multi-Colour Swim Cap $12 If you hate getting your hair pulled when taking off your swim cap this is the perfect option for you. It is comfortable, lightweight and won’t slide up during your workout. Its jazzy colour scheme also makes it attractive.