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Spotted: Prototype Hope HB time trial bike builds on unique Olympic track bike design

Prototype bike features innovative design used by British track athletes in Tokyo

Photo by: hopetech.com

Great Britain’s Olympic track cycling team were riding a revolutionary new bike designed and built by Hope and Lotus. The Hope HB.T had a super-wide (8 cm) fork with an integrated handlebar to go along with the similarly wide seat stays. According to Hope and Lotus, the bike was more aerodynamic with a rider on it.

Photo: bikerumor.com

According to BikeRumor! a time trial version of the bike is in the works.

The new bike won’t have any input from Lotus, but will still utilize the same high modulus carbon fibre material used in the track bikes. “The focus was on creating a layup that was extremely responsive to rider input, maximising efficiency of the bike,” Hope’s Sam Pendred, the designer of the track bike, told BikeRumor. “We use two different types within the layup which include woven material in complex areas such as the bottom bracket and head tube with UD material in defined locations on the frame.”

To accommodate the cables required for a bike with gears and brakes, Hope has had to redesign the base bar of the bike.

There’s no time frame on when the bike might be available. When that day comes, expect to pay between £10,000 to £15,000 ($17,500 to $26,245) for one!