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Speedo’s Switchblade fins: The perfect tool to work on your kick

Speedo’s Switchblade fins. Photo Courtesy of Speedo

To get better and stronger, you have to perform the same movement over and over again. If you’re able to do this movement against resistance, then you’re making those adaptations stronger and quicker. The Speedo Switchblade fins help you make those improvements to your kick.

The swim is often the toughest part of the triathlon to train for. When I began swimming, I struggled to point my toes and generate a powerful kick. It probably took me a minute to flutter kick 25 metres.

Since then, I’ve come a long way, but I’m always looking to improve. When I go to the pool, I always see swimmers with their swim equipment. One item they always use is fins. Not your normal pool or scuba fin, but smaller ones – like the Speedo Switchblades. They looked cool, so I did some research to find out more. I found that they helped develop a stronger kick by fully engaging the muscles of the leg, as well as stretching out the ankle – increasing flexibility. From then on I wanted to try a pair.

Speedo’s Switchblade fins on the pool deck.

Since getting the opportunity to use the Switchblades, I’ve worked this tool into all of my swims. If ankle flexibility is a real issue for you, you may want to try these out for yourself – I know it’s helped me a lot.

The features of the Switchblade that allow for a full kick are the 10-degree blade angle, sculpted side rails and midfoot flex points.

With a blade angle of 10 degrees, it improves stability and engagement throughout the kick cycle. I was shocked by how much these fins worked my legs and feet. The first 100m kick set I did, my legs screamed with lactic acid. I thought something was seriously wrong until I realized the purpose of these fins.

The sculpted side rails ensure hip rotation and a strong downward kick drive. This is added to resistance and has dramatically improved my kick since I started using the fins. Since trying the fins, I’ve added more kick drills – including kicking on my side, to work on my rotation and kick.

After a hard swim set, it isn’t uncommon to get a few cramps in between the toes or in the arch of your foot, especially if you’re using fins. However, the Switchblade has engineered midfoot flex points along the sole of the fin to decrease the occurrence of cramps.

The Speedo Switchblade fin is a piece of equipment you’ll want to go out and get. With the season winding down and the weather starting to get colder, now is the time to work on your weaknesses in the water.

Find this product at your local retailers by visiting https://www.speedocanada.com/