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Be Seen: Light Up your Run

-By Scott Leitch

Daylight savings time has ended and it’s dark before you get home from work, so winter running gear must include the right gadgets and clothing for running at night.

AsicsElectroReflective clothing

The most essential type of clothing you’ll need to get running at night is a warm, reflective jacket. Most warmer running jackets come with some sort of reflective strip because in Canada running in the winter almost always means running in the dark. Of course, some jackets perform better at night than others. The Asics line of Electro jackets are made with a completely reflective fabric to make sure you’re seen. The jacket also doubles as a second piece of gear that can come in handy when running at night; it has a small strip of LED lights over one shoulder.


5081nfr_hyperbrite_sulfur-estateblue-nathanblue_nwLED lights

Small, blinking LED lights are good for being seen by other runners or cyclists at night. Reflective material only helps you be seen when light is shined on it, so small lights on dark paths where you may encounter others who don’t have lights is essential, especially considering there are often to darkest places you’ll run. Outdoor sporting company Nathan makes great LEDs designed for runner than clip onto your back or shoes. You can also get some to wear around your wrists or ankles.


For running on really dark paths, especially on uneven footing, you’ll need a headlamp. There are a few different options for someone who needs a running headlamp, but for most you won’t need anything too spectacular. When buying headlamps, people generally think Petzl, and with good reason. they make a great range of products, from a basic, single-setting headlamp that will keep you safe on a dark path through the city, to lamps designed for caving and mountain climbing. Consider what your unique needs and decide