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Jeans for athletes fit to flatter powerful quads

158210219-By Sinead Mulherin

For athletes, finding the best clothing for workouts is rarely a problem. We bring you pages of gear reviews and point you towards the shops where experts can get you sorted. But as many triathletes know, finding apparel for sport isn’t the issue. When the tights come off, those powerful quads and strong glutes from riding need a not so typical fit in jeans. But, go a size larger and you get a saggy waist, too big for the one you’ve sculpted.

An American brand, Barbell Apparel, recognizes this problem and creates jeans to help athletes solve it. Their claim to fame is that they design jeans to fit athletic people when they aren’t in the gym. That means the pants will be easy to slip on over the muscles in calves, butt and thighs.

The company is relatively new but is ramping up production. Triathletes who are sick of wrestling with denims in fitting rooms can pick up a pair online. These denims will not restrict movement as they are designed to move in sync with your body. The creators are athletes themselves spending at least 20 hours a week training for a variety of sports.

The jeans come in different colours and styles at an average of $149 US.