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Adidas adiZero Feather 2.0 Running Shoes

The adiZero Feather 2.0 offer lots of support and cushioning in a light weight package.

Adidas adiZero Feather 2.0


We’re not exactly sure how, but somehow the engineers at adidas have managed to combine incredibly light weight (7.3 oz) with lots of support and cushioning in the adiZero Feather 2.0, making this a shoe you can use as a trainer, a racer, or both.
The breathable air mesh uppers and the molded foam insole are extremely breathable and more than comfortable enough to work without socks, making this a great choice for triathletes who don’t have a lot of pronation or supination issues. Although this shoe might not be as fast to get on as some of the Velcro offerings on the market these days, some elastic laces thrown in will more than do the trick.
Support is provided through the “welded sprint web” incorporated into the sole. It does a great job – it’s hard to believe how solid this shoe feels despite the incredibly light weight. When you pull it on it feels more like a supportive slipper than a training shoe, but once you get running in it you quickly realize this is a shoe that’s meant to be used.
While the adiWEAR outsole no doubt offers lots of durability, like many shoes in this lightweight racer/trainer category, you’re not going to get as many miles out of these shoes. For those who put in a lot of miles every week, you’ll probably want to use these for racing and fast workouts and find something a bit more durable for your longer and easier runs. If you don’t mind switching out shoes a bit more often, you really can use the adiZeros for almost all of your training – especially if you’re fairly light.