Roka is known across the multisport community for its array of products tailored to triathletes. They first made their big splash in eyewear with the Phantom model, an aviator style sunglasses inspired by USA professional triathlete Jesse Thomas. The ROKA SR-1, on the other hand, is a lightweight (24g) sports frame. Its design is simple, yet sleek. These glasses are designed for the triathlete that is looking for something lightweight and offers excellent protection from the sun.

A key feature of the Roka SR-1 is the secure fit. Outfitted with Roka’s GEKO technology, a combination of titanium inner wires and rubber grips helps the SR-1 stay put despite the jostling in a training session or triathlon. When running, I found the glasses to rest very well on my face. Also, just the sheer lightness of the glasses made for a comfortable run. On the bike, I found depending on the helmet and how I placed my glasses some positions were more comfortable than others. It took some adjusting with the positioning to see what worked best. 

The lenses deliver an enhanced image of your surroundings. Using the HC Fusion mirror lens on my evening runs, I found the lenses gave a brighter tint to my environment. While on my bike commutes, the lens provided the protection I needed from the sun. With interchangeable lenses, they can be easily changed out depending on the conditions. The ease at which the lenses can be removed allows you to get the right protection for your training session.

This product is available online and in many athletic stores.

Price: $250.51 to $264.43 (depending on shipping, taxes and duties)

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