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Rockay’s environmentally friendly socks

Do your bit for the environment and also enjoy the high-tech benefits of Rockay socks.

Created from 100 per cent recycled materials, Rockay socks are made with high-tech sportswear nylon yarn that is converted from ocean waste.

Rockay’s Vigor Compression Sock

The ocean waste is collected and then converted to ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is what Rockay uses for these comfortable performance socks. (Find out how they do it here.) Triathletes will appreciate them for all the performance qualities that make them great for biking and running including: seamless toes, carefully positioned performance cushioning, breathable mesh zones and special built-in arch compression support.

Rockay makes a variety of different styles of socks triathletes are sure to love, especially the compression socks designed to help increase blood flow during long bike and run efforts. The extremely durable Vigor sock is made with a special blend of recycled Econyl Polyamide and Elastine and  features anti-blister construction and graduated compression to enhance both comfort and performance.

The ecological benefit of the socks is doubled by their odor-free feature. Rockay socks have Polygiene coating, which covers the sock in a low concentration of silver chloride. The silver has antimicrobial properties so you won’t have to wash them as often – less laundry, less water.

The socks are surprisingly soft for something that came from recycled plastic. They hug your feet and provide lots of support, particularly around the arch. Although they’re comfortably tight, the socks breathe well. The technical mesh allows for lots of air flow whether your biking or running.

The small logo at the back of the socks is reflective, a useful feature for evening or morning efforts when visibility is low. Rockay Compression Socks come in a variety of colours, including the the high-vis “Orange/White ” pictured above and the Ecowhite below.