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REVIEW: Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit

Right away, I knew I was going to enjoy the Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit. At face value, it is an affordable option (MSRP $625), but it still offers high-performance features including a more flexible upper body, thin lower leg panels and a low neckline for improved comfort.
Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit. Photo: Cam Mitchell

It was on Canada Day when I wiggled my way into the Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit. Despite not being the ‘easiest’ process – all wetsuits are a bit difficult to get into – I was impressed with how flexible the neoprene was, especially around the shoulders and elbows.

Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit. Photo: Cam Mitchell

Blue Seventy has integrated VO2 Chest Panels, Reactive Stretch Technology and an Aquaseal forearm into the Reaction wetsuit to give triathletes a more natural feel when swimming. After I dove off the dock into Boshkung Lake and began swimming for one of the buoys marking the channel, I had great reaches and pulls, as a made a small wake behind me. It felt effortless. And despite my anxiety of swimming in the open waters – my first of the season – my breathing was unrestricted thanks to the flexible neoprene around the chest.

In comparison to Blue Seventy’s Helix wetsuit, I did find that the Reaction to be a more durable option – great for multiple races and training sessions. With a 300 dollar price difference, there were some noticeable differences. The most notable was the buoyancy around my hips and legs. After 20 minutes of swimming and sighting in the Reaction, I did notice my hips were dropping as I sighted for the next target. Though this could be a mixture between the Reaction’s material and my lack of strength in the swim – admittedly the swim portion of a triathlon is not my strong suit.

Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit. Photo: Cam Mitchell

After a good 50 minutes of swimming, I made my way to shore and did a mock T1 transition. Thanks to 2mm neoprene side panels around the thighs and legs, getting the Reaction wetsuit off was a breeze.

All that said, the Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit is a great affordable option for all types of triathletes – beginners and veterans. With its mix of flexible and durable materials, you get the performance you need, while also not missing out on the durability you need over multiple training sessions and races.


  • MSRP: $625 (thermal option: $725)
  • VO2 Chest Panels: More stretch and easier breathing
  • Quick Exit Legs: 2mm flexible legs to allow for quick exits
  • 4-5-4 Design:
  • S-Flex: thin 2mm side panels for improved fit and easy body rotation
  • Knee-Flex: 2mm ribbed panels reduce bunching and improve running to T1
  • Aquaseal: 4-way stretch silicon cuffs prevent unwelcome water entry, and remove easily
  • Reactive Stretch Technology: 2mm neoprene and high stretch jersey offers mobility and reach from the shoulder