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Post-swim skin and hair care from Trihard

Post-swim shampoos and body wash protect your skin and hair from harmful chemicals

Pool swimming is one of my favourite activities within my training plan, as such I am in the pool with any given opportunity, sometimes up to four to five times a week, but this takes it’s toll on my hair and skin. That’s why, when I heard about the Trihard range and its claims to protect against the damage caused by pool chemicals, I was eager to give it a try.

Swimmer’s Shampoo

From the moment Trihard Swimmer’s Shampoo comes in contact with your scalp it offers a refreshing sense of relief. The cooling menthol and fresh scent is just what you need after a long workout and the aloe vera and camomile, which are known for their calming effects, reduce the irritation which is often associated with chlorine.

The Swimmer’s Shampoo, (well, the entire range of Trihard products actually, but let’s start with the shampoo) is packed with natural ingredients, each with their own distinctive properties. Trihard have handpicked these ingredients for each product to draw on the specific benefits they provide.

Sourced in Israel and packed with anti oxidant properties, red algae helps combat free radicals and removes the chemicals that cling to the hairline to give you smooth healthy hair that doesn’t smell of chlorine. This is just one component that makes up Trihard’s patented Plecotech technology: a cleansing process that is developed using the balance of red algae, dead sea minerals and botanical extracts..

The complimentary fatty acids, vitamins found in Shea butter oil and jojoba hydrate soften the hair, while the argan oil, which is better known to help with bruising, moisturizes the hair to prevent breakage and frizz.

Keratin, a structural protein that is renowned for building strong nails and hair, also boosts hydration to promote the hair’s healthy texture. Keratin naturally depletes when exposed to environmental damage, which is why it is an effective addition to Trihard’s shampoo. Having always assumed it needed to be ingested to be restored, I was pleasantly surprised with the lasting effects.

Trihard Swimmer’s Shampoo comes out of the bottle and disperses through the hair with ease and, more importantly, it rinses without leaving any residue.

Pre and Post Swim Conditioner

The Pre and Post Swim Conditioner is super thick which, on first impression, suggests it would be rich and provide a lot of nourishment and softness; I wasn’t disappointed. It often needs a good shake to get it out of the bottle, though, so I tend to store it upside down for ease of use. No problem if you can’t, of course, but every little helps when your arms are aching after a big workout.

Prevention is better than the cure, so they say, and Trihard suggests using a generous amount pre swim to protect against the chlorine. This can be tricky in an indoor pool where you are asked to shower and remove fragranced products before you swim, but I found that applying even a small amount of the Pre and Post Swim Conditioner just before a swim reduced the chlorine exposure and associate damage. Using a swim cap over the top helped contain the fragrance so that it didn’t interfere with the water or other swimmers,, either. Take care to apply it around the ears and hairline, as suggested on the bottle, as these parts are most exposed to the water, even with a swim cap in place.

In addition to the barrier effect, applying the conditioner pre swim gives the hydrating oils more time to do act on the hair, making it silky soft by the time you rinse it out. Compare the difference between applying your usual conditioner and rinsing it immediately vs leaving it for a minute or two. This is a great tip for treated hair, as the barrier helps protect it from the colour stripping chemicals, while the Argan oil and vitamin B5 help maintain a healthy texture that can often be lost with colouring.

Oh, and don’t fret if your hair doesn’t feel soft immediately after washing. I usually let my hair dry naturally and was concerned that my towel-dried hair felt rather rough when I first used the Trihard range, but once it had dried fully, I was surprised (and rather relieved) to experience the softness and silkiness Trihard claims. I have since realized this appears to be the case each time I let my hair dry naturally. Of course, I haven’t started blow-drying now to speed that process up as that would only add extra stress on the hair, but I am more comfortable now knowing the results will come and that they are better than those I achieve with my (previously) regular shampoo and conditioner combo.

After Swim Body Wash

I often struggle with dry skin after swimming, especially if I am at the peak of my training and swimming longer sessions multiple times a week. The coconut and almond oils, together with the chamomile, really helped restore the hydration loss and sooth my skin. After a hard workout the exfoliant quality of the After Swim Body Wash is refreshing and the apricot scrub exfoliates without drying the skin.

Swim and Sun Facewash

Similar to the Swimmer’s Shampoo, the aloe vera and Vitamin E found in the Swim and Sun Facewash, helps soothes irritated skin and relieves the discomfort that may be caused by chemicals in the pool and harmful UV rays. As a result, the Swim and Sun Facewash (as with all Trihard products) are perfect for lake/ocean swimming too. For me, the coconut oil was the key ingredient; it soothes the skin and works to replenish the hydration that may have been lost as a result of the salt water, the chlorine and harmful UV rays, plus, the oil based components help remove make up (even the most stubborn mascara) before swimming.

Trihard Swim and Sun Facewash also contains Hyaluronic acid which is a sugar molecule that is found naturally in the skin and helps bind water to collagen, which helps keep your skin hydrated. I now opt for the swim and sun face wash over my (previously) regular face wash on a daily basis, whether I have been swimming that day or not.