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Oakley’s colourful 2020 helmet collection

Aerodynamic performance and stylish looks.

Oakley has added a number of colour options to its helmet line for 2020 to ensure you’ll look good, go fast and protect your head.

Oakley ARO5 helmet

Oakley has launched it’s spring bike collection of apparel and accessories. For triathletes the big news will be the new helmet colours available for fashion-conscious triathletes looking to match up all their kit.

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The three helmets in the Oakley line remain the same, but are now available in a variety of different colours.


The vented ARO3 is available in nine different colours and features optimized ventilation to keep your head cool. There’s a 360-degree fit system to ensure you can dial in the perfect fit, while the MIPS Brain Protection System adds added protection in case of a crash or fall.


This aero road helmet offers a mix of aerodynamics and air flow. Available in nine new colours in 2020 (Oakley added six to the mix), the ARO5 is aerodynimic, comfortable and light. In addition to the 360-degree fit system and MIPS protection the ARO5 uses a Vane support structure to direct air flow into the helmet.


Oakley’s premium triathlon and time trial helmet is back this year and is available in black or white. With its racecar-inspired shape, the ARO7 is designed to maximize aerodynamics. There’s a magnetic shield attachment system that integrates either of the two Oakley shields available – Prizm Road or Clear. It comes with a protective case, too.