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Triathlete Treats: Mug Cake

Mug cake– we’re talking about cake, in a mug. That’s right, it’s a single-serving cake and ready in five minutes cake.

And we’ve managed to find the healthiest ones out there free of many of the ingredients that have triathletes avoiding cake in the first place.

You’re welcome.

Chocolate-Chip-Pumpkin-Mug-Cake1) Chocolate chip pumpkin mug cake

This recipe’s author prefaces her post with the statement that “Cracking open a can of pumpkin is a serious commitment.” She couldn’t have said it better. Few recipes require a full can and the rest goes to waste. This recipe is a perfect way to make your way through that leftover pumpkin and fulfill all your snacking needs.

2) Apple cinnamon mug cakebanana cinnamon

Whip yourself up a taste of fall in less than five minutes with this easy mug cake recipe. Apple provides fibre and egg whites provide protein in this guilt-free treat.

3) Flourless peanut butter mug cake

This recipe takes only four ingredients, all of which you likely already have in your kitchen.

1-minute-vanilla-cake_-34) Vanilla mug cake

This blogger’s mug cake looks like a legitimate birthday cake, except made with almond flour and no butter, it’s healthy (well, maybe not the sprinkles, but those are optional).

5) Cinnamon banana mug cake

This recipe is like a single-serving banana muffin that allows one to avoid all the bake-time and clean up. Sounds like a pretty good deal. This recipe would be absolute perfection with a dollop of peanut or almond butter smeared on top.

6) Oatmeal cookie dough mug cakeOatmeal-Cookie-Dough-Mug-Cake2

This author provides two options for this recipe. The non-vegan one is made with egg whites and the vegan one is made with applesauce. Gluten-free, dairy-free and oil-free, you’d be hard pressed to find a healthier way to crush a cookie-dough craving.

baked oatmeal7) Baked oatmeal in a mug

So much better than your standard oatmeal…

8) Chocolate protein mug cake

If you’re looking for a post-workout refuelling option, but you’re not a huge fan of protein shakes, give this protein mug cake recipe a try. This recipe is also gluten and dairy free.mugcake-1024x683

9) Lemon blueberry mug cake

Lemon cake, to many may seem like a special afternoon in a cafe indulgence however, with this recipe, made with only nutritious ingredients, you may be able to indulge more often. Fresh blueberries can be used instead of frozen in this recipe, however they are more likely to burst.

10) Chocolate mug cake

Four ingredients (banana, cocoa, egg and almond butter) combine to create a mug cake that tastes like a sinful brownie, but without the excess unhealthy fat. The recipe calls for almond butter, but you can swap in any butter of your preference.