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Surprisingly diverse carrot recipes

Carrots are such an everyday ingredient in most of our lives that it can be easy to fall into the trap of seeing them as just a boring veggie paired with ranch dip. These carrot recipes spotlight the flavourful diversity of this root vegetable.

moroccan_carrots_Square_S-571) Moroccan carrots

This salad-style recipe is a good for serving a crowd. Red wine vinegar, cumin and garlic make this a flavourful favourite that will have people reaching for seconds.

2) Balsamic roasted carrots

This simple recipe packs a big taste, making for a side dish that goes with anything and everything.

carrot-cake-oats-5-1024x8053) Carrot cake overnight oats

I can’t be the only one in love with the simplicity of overnight oatmeal (at least I hope I’m not). It makes getting going in the morning so much easier when you have a nutritious and filling breakfast ready to go as soon as you wake up.

4) Carrot soup with roasted chickpeasCarrot-Soup-Recipe-11

This recipe’s author describes this dish as “creamy but cream-less.” Sprinkling roasted chickpeas or even a dollop of Greek yogurt on top are great ways to add protein to this vegetarian dish.

raw_carrot_pasta_with_ginger_lime_peanut_sauce_hero5) Raw carrot pasta

This dish is just one example of the many versatile dishes you can make with a spiralizer (though you can recreate this recipe using grated carrots—your “noodles” just won’t have quite the same length). This carrot pasta is vegan friendly (even raw vegan friendly).

6) Carrot cake protein bars

Those who don’t tolerate gluten know gluten-free protein bars are not easy to find. These bars taste like a treat while serving as a satisfying, healthy snack.Oil-free-Carrot-Cake-Protein-Bars-3

7) Carrot cake smoothie

A recipe that tastes like carrot cake but packs two servings of veggies and one of fruit? Sounds like a good deal. If you like your smoothies a bit thicker, try using vanilla Greek yogurt.

8) Moroccan carrot quinoa salad

This carrot quinoa has a bit of a kick from chili flakes and cumin. Toss in some slivered almonds and raisins and you have a delicious vegetarian side or main. This recipe is easy to magnify, if you need to feed a crowd.

Flourless-Morning-Glory-Muffins39) Flourless morning glory muffins

These muffins are dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free and oil-free, so they’re a snack that is safe to serve to pretty much anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. This recipe features almond butter,banana, apple, carrots, walnuts…and the list of healthy ingredients goes on.

10) Vegan coconut carrot pancakes

Make yourself a gourmet-level breakfast in 15 minutes with this coconut-carrot combo. This recipe serves 2-3 people, so invite your training buddy for pancakes post long-workout!