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BRIX: A dose of Maple Syrup

I love maple syrup. I will put a healthy dose of all-natural maple syrup on my pancakes and even work the Canadian staple food into my Grandma’s legendary cookie recipe – I think it makes it even better.

With maple syrup’s high glycemic index, it is an ideal substance for energy gels. BRIX, a Canadian company has done just that. Founded by Mario Plouffe in 2016, the sports enthusiast and maple syrup farmer, has delivered an all natural product applicable to multiple sports.

A quick slurp in the pool

What I loved about this product is that I can easily take a quick slurp before jumping into the pool and then reopen it in between sets. This is thanks to BRIX’s open and close cap.

Open and close cap. Photo: BRIX

With its high density of simple carbohydrates (26g per 38g), you can provide yourself with a quick boost of energy before you head into your next workout or minutes from the start of your race. Because it is so easy to absorb, you aren’t going to risk any gastrointestinal issues later on in your training or event.

Avoiding “the bonk”

For me, an energy gel is a solution against “the bonk,” especially if I feel it coming on. What makes this product so convenient is its consistency. Maple syrup is a very fluid liquid, so it doesn’t have that viscous feel that other gels have. This makes BRIX easy to swallow on the bike and the run.

The traditional gel tear seal is easy to store on the bike. If you’re not using a bento box taping your gels to the top tube is a convenient storage solution, and with the traditional tear seal you can simultaneously open and free the gel from your top tube.

Taking in energy on the run

Running and eating hasn’t worked well for me in the past. Sure I can take in a few pretzels and chips, along with some water, but getting most gels down is tough. This is where energy gels like BRIX come in handy. With its low viscosity, the fluid is easy to swallow when running. Plus its maple syrup so it always tastes good.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in a triathlon, especially at the half-Iron distance and above. Testing a variety of fuelling options is key to nailing this  “4th discipline”,  and after a few tries, Brix gels might just be making it into my next race bag.

Packs of 12 (38g) – $29.99

Packs of 24 (38g) – $59.98

Packs of 24 (80g – with Cap) – $100.00