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Nike Swim introduces new Vapor Performance Goggle

Nike's new Vapor Performance Goggle maximizes field of view and comfort while minimizing drag for peak performance.

The new Nike Swim Vapor. Photo: nikeswim.com

As the tech wars start to ramp up heading into the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Nike Swim has released the hydrodynamic Vapor goggles.

The Vapor is a performance, FINA-approved, goggle that has been designed to maximize your field of vision in the water with curved, oversized and drag-resistant lenses. For competitive swimmers, this allows athletes to sight their competitors without breaking head or body position. Triathletes will enjoy a huge field of vision during open-water swim efforts and a comfortable, sleek pair of goggles for training and racing.

Multisport athletes will appreciate the soft and flexible gasket that improves comfort, while not jeopardizing performance. There is also a Swift Track slide-in nose bridge adjustment system that allows for fast and easy customization, and the ergonomically curved back clip provides a comfortable, secure fit against the back of the head.

Nike Swim conducted computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis in the design of the Vapor to minimize drag, and the goggles also received positive reviews from athletes in terms of comfort and ability to stay water tight.

Photo: nikeswim.com

The Vapor is available in several different lens treatments including mirrored or non-mirrored and comes in five different colours: blue, smoke grey, neutral grey, green and rose, so triathletes will be able to get a style that will work whether they are swimming indoors or out.

Visit www.nikeswim.com for more information.

Photo: nikeswim.com