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Lionel Sanders rides new bike for Clash Miami

Canadian long-distance star is back on a tri-specific frame for 2023

Photo by: Kevin MackInnon

Lionel Sanders is renowned as one of the sport’s premier bike/ runners, but throughout his career has been forced to deal with a deficit out of the water. That means that once he’s on dry land he pulls out all the stops to ensure he’ll have a fast bike split. Over the last few years we’ve seen the Canadian record holder for one hour on the bike (51.30 km) riding a UCI legal bike rather than a triathlon-specific frame. As he starts his outdoor race season in 2023 (he competed at the Arena Games a couple of weeks ago), though, he’ll be on Canyon’s triathlon-specific Speedmax frame.

Sanders shatters Canadian 1 hour cycling record

In previous testing Sanders had found that the lighter, UCI version of the Speedmax was faster, but armed with some new wheels and an improved cockpit, he feels like this version of the Speedmax is a better option. We had a chance to check out the bike today.

The HED rear disc wheel …
And the new HED front wheel feature slightly narrower tires than Sanders has ridden in the past. He also says that he’ll gain some more speed thanks to the lower tire pressure he’ll be using.
Sanders has ridden with SRAM components in the past – now he’s on Shimano’s Dura Ace drivetrain.
The customized front end allows Sanders to stretch out to achieve a more aero position.
Canyon had to 3D print many of the components for the new cockpit.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing just how fast this new bike is at Clash Miami tomorrow.