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LG looks to “revolutionize” indoor cycling with new curved screen

Zwift and other indoor bike trainer programs will never look the same!

Photo by: news.lgdisplay.com

Zwift fans were excited about the news that the popular online cycling and running program appears to be developing its own trainer and bike. Now it looks like LG wants to get in on the indoor cycling boom, too, with the announcement of the “Virtual Ride,” which has debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022.

“The Virtual Ride has three 55-inch OLED screens stacked floor-to-ceiling while curving overhead in an r-shaped form,” the company explains. “The concept is to combine a very large, curved screen with exercise equipment.”

Photo: news.lgdisplay.com

“With its UHD resolution, the whole setup lets you ride a bike through a forest at night or down the street of a European village in the most realistic possible way without actually being there,” LG continues. “Also, there are touchscreen controls on the armrest next to the display made up of a 23.1-inch in-TOUCH LCD, so people can more conveniently adjust settings while exercising.”

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The new screen should make for an even more immersive visual experience while using any of the virtual cycling programs that have become even more popular over the last two years. There’s no info on the price or timeline for the new screen as of yet.