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Getting your bike ready for travel

Step-by-step guide to packing your bike

The triathlon season is well underway. Chances are you may have to travel far to your big race. If you’re flying make sure your bike is packed properly and ready to make the trip with you. This will reduce stress and actually allow you to enjoy the travel experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide to packing your bike.

  1. Mark your positioning. Seat height, seat positioning, handlebars, etc. Any part that you have to remove in order to fit the bike into the bag, mark the position.
  2. Remove the pedals from your bike. Try to keep these together in one location. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination realizing you left one of your pedals at home.
  3. Remove the seat post from the frame.
  4. Remove the rear and front wheel. This also depends on the type of bike travel bag/box you have.
  5. Remove the handlebars. You are removing just the steam from the steer tube. Pro tip, use electrical tape to hold the spacers in place.
  6. Position bike in bag/box. Tuck your bars close to the frame to save space.
  7. Tuck any parts you removed in a void space. It is a good idea to wrap these parts, such as the seat post in bubble wrap.
  8. Take the time to wrap your frame, derailleur, handlebars, seat post, etc. in bubble wrap or foam to reduce the risk of damage during travel.
  9. Double check you have everything and you are ready to go.

Below is a video, where we give you a visual walkthrough of the step-by-step guide above. Keep in mind that every bike and every bike bag is different, and the process will require more or less steps depending on the type of travel bag/box.