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Yurbuds. Sport Earphones that Never Fall Out.

Designed by an Ironman triathlete, earphones that will never fall out.

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Designed by an Ironman triathlete, Yurbuds are guaranteed to never fall out of your ears while you’re training. These earbuds use a patented, “Twist Lock Technology” that provides a secure, comfortable fit. They’re not joking, either – you have to work really hard to make these earphones that are made with medical grade silicone fall out. The ear pieces are very soft and remain comfortable for even the longest training sessions. While you can get Yurbuds as normal headphones, the Ironman Inspire Pro offers a waterproof microphone that also has volume and music track controls for use with a cel phone. (Optimized for iPhones, you’ll find that some features won’t work with Android or Blackberry phones.) If you’re looking for headphones to use for training that simply won’t come out, these are the ones for you.