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Here is some great gear we thought you should know about.

Freak of Nature – $1,200

A wetsuit that costs $1,200 ? Yes, TYR has one.  Taking the Freak of Nature into transition is guaranteed to set you apart.  It begins with the special wood and metal case that is inscribed with a special serial number.  (oh, did we mention thi is a limited model ?)  It continues with the super-comfy and snug fit thanks to the Yamamoto #40 neoprene that’s used throughout this suit.  TYR has thrown in pretty much every bell and whistle they can, too.  There are special elevation panels made with aerated neoprene to optimize your position in the water, stretch panels (ROM Zones, as teh TYR folks like to call them) to provide optimal flexibility where you need it, quick release ankle cuffs and V-GCP panels to improve your catch.  (If you need to ask, this might not be for you.) TYR wants to make the process of buying a car.  This on will feel like you’re off to get a Ferrari.

Look for our full review of the Freak of Nature in our March issue.

Frame Protector – $15
Swag Rag
After finding that he was getting some scratches on his bike frames from his bike rack and stand, Ontario triathlete Martin Maradiaga decided to come up with a solution. The result is the Swag Rag, which provides a tough, durable and high-quality blanket of protection between your frame and rack cradle pads.. The design fits multiple sizes of top tube frames, which makes it a great solution if you have more than one bike.  Perfect as an ectra layer of protection between your top tube and rack cradle pads, bike stand clamps and bike locks.