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Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

There always seems to be something new on the market that everyone is lusting after.

Shots – $18

Now there are convenient 2 oz. bottles of TriSwim shampoo, body wash, lotion and conditioner – perfect to throw into your swim bag to combat the harsh effects from chlorine and other chemicals. The TriSwim formula hydrates and conditions dry and damaged hair, while the body wash and lotion contain Aloe to moisturize and protect your skin from the elements.

Aerofuel Triathlon Bag – $40 Medi, $45 Maxi

This aerodynamic top tube bag is the perfect way to carry some extra bars and gels while training or racing.  The main compartment is easily accessible thanks to a spring opening and there’s even an additional zipper pocket that’s perfect for some spare cash or a key. It’s available in two sizes – Medi and Maxi – with multi-positional straps for easy positioning.

Cards $3.50, $20 – Calendar
Willow Creek Creations

Not only are there sport specific cards for running, walking, cycling and swimming (even a Triathalon Man and Woman) at Willow Creek Creations, they even offer an event calendar that you can customize for training.

Aerofuel Kit – $60
Everything PRO makes looks fast, and the 750 ml Aerofuel Kit lives up to that tradition.  The sturdy slide-on bracket keeps your water in place so you never need to leave the aero position to take in liquid. ; Special Velcro straps are included to fit wider bars.

Energize Compression TriSuit – $200

Here’s a great surprise to stuff into your triathletes stocking – the Energize Compression TriSuit incorporates the properties of a SpeedSuit, which is designed to shave off some seconds in the swim, but also carries you through the bike and run, too. Perfect for sprint and Olympic distance races, there are anatomically shaped panels to provide support for core muscles and a comfortable contoured fit.

Jawbone Custom Sunglasses – $260-$500

What better way to personalize a present than to design some sunglasses for them. We’re suggesting you go with Oakley’s high-tech Jawbones since you’ll have 337 million possible options. Everything from the main frame, bottom jaw, the icon and the Thru Bolt hinge can be combined in different colours – options include shocking green, red, yellow, orange and blue. Pair them with the huge choice of lenses (we love the Blue Iridium Vented, but you can’t go wrong with any of your choices) and you’ve created a very personal present.

Caliber Interchangeable – $60

Large fitting sunglasses are the rage these days, so you can’t go wrong slipping a pair of these into a stocking this holiday season. They are perfect for riding or running in virtually any conditions because they come with three sets of interchangeable lenses – dark, contrast (for medium to low light) and clear. The frames feature flexible tips with hydrophilic pads for comfort.

Orion Goggles – $30 Standard lens, $40 Mirrored lens

Designed for elite triathletes and open water swimmers, the Orion goggles have darker lenses for sunny swim days and a flat forward viewing pane that provides distortion-free underwater viewing. The uniframe design and super-soft silicone gusset make these extremely comfortable and they’re easily adjusted even with one hand.

Miss Compressport – $60

Sure, guys can enjoy all the benefits of the Compressport compression clothing for training, racing or recovery, but if you’re looking for a nice present for the female triathlete in the house you should look for the limited edition Miss Compressport recovery compression calf sleeves. Designed to help muscles recover by reducing shock and vibration in muscles, the Miss Compressport sleeve is very light and won’t absorb water – you can even swim with it.

Triathlon Compression Shorts – $165

Specifically designed to provide the most efficient compression to the muscles for optimal performance while swimming, biking and running, these shorts use Graduated medi compression and ColdBlack Technology to provide both performance  and comfort. There’s a secure back pocket, anatomically designed seams for flexibility and comfort and even a comfort-fit waistband with a drawstring to make these a great option for training and racing.

P.R.O. Series Speed Suit – $280
Pearl Izumi

Using P.R.O. Aero friction-reducing fabric and a streamlined design, the Tri Speed Suit flies through the water and the wind. The fabric is specially designed to cool the body while and provide UV protection. Direct-Vent panels help the suit dry quickly, while comfort is enhanced thanks to the flatlock seams and TRI quick-dry chamois. There are two back streamlined pockets that won’t slow you down in the water so you can carry some extra nutrition or other items once you’re out of the water.

Sync 2 Hydration Belt – $65
Profile Design

This simple, ergonomic and very adjustable hydration belt offers single hand operation and an elastic belt closure for a custom fit. It comes with two bottles (which hold 235 ml of liquid or gel) that have no-leak caps. The lightweight brackets can be placed wherever you want them on the belt. Available in black, red or pink with black or white, you can customize this gift, too.

RCX5 Red – $400

Long known as the leaders in heart rate monitoring, the RCX5 came out earlier this year and offers much more data than just how fast your heart is beating. You can add a holiday feel to this present by grabbing the new Red version. Available in a variety of “packs,” the basic model includes the watch and the WearLink+ Hybrid chest strap that will work in the water as well as while you’re biking and swimming. You can also bundle the RCX5 with Polar’s CS W.I.N.D. speed sensor for biking, or the s3+ stride sensor that clips to your laces for run-distance and pacing info. If you’re really going to splurge, go with the Multi bundle that comes with the G5 GPS sensor that will provide pace and distance information regardless of the sport.

Vision Headset Spacers – $15 packet of 10

For the athlete who likes to personalize everything, you can’t go wrong with these polycarbonate head set spacers (almost everybody’s bike has at least one). Available in blue, green, white, red, orange and smoke, there’s lots of options to add a special touch to their bike.

Elite Compression Tights – $140

Using PWX fabric that offers lots of stretch, flexibility while also providing compression for increased venous function, these tights offer lots of support to your quads, abductors and gluts while biking or running. The material is also moisture wicking, which, combined with the flatlock seam construction, enhances the comfort and performance qualities of these popular tights.

Insulated Sahara 22 oz. Palmholder

It holds lots of liquid but still manages to remain incredibly comfortable in your hand. The removable neoprene liner keeps the bottle insulated in any season. The hand strap is fully adjustable, comfortable and extremely lightweight. You can even tuck the bottle into a bike jersey or the new Slide hydration belt.

Defroster Winter Shoes – $220.

These waterproof and insulated winter mountain bike cycling shoes are the perfect answer for either cross- or mountain-bike riding through the winter.  The lightweight injection composite sole is super-stiff and the upper is even fleece-lined for added warmth. In addition to Specialized Body Geometry technology, the thermal footbed traps heat around the foot.