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Garmin releases the Enduro, a watch geared toward ultra-endurance athletes

The Enduro has solar power features that can keep it charged and running for up to — wait for it — 65 days

Photo by: Garmin

Garmin released its newest GPS watch on Tuesday, introducing the Garmin Enduro to the world. As the name suggests, the Enduro was designed for endurance athletes – especially those who are into ultra-distance running, cycling or triathlon events – who will be well equipped with this watch. Here are some of the features runners and triathletes will love the most, though they’re just a fraction of the watch’s full list of capabilities.

Photo: Garmin

Ultra-long battery life

A base charge for the Garmin Enduro lasts 50 days on smartwatch mode. This can be bumped up to 65 days with the watch’s solar charging capabilities. Of course, you’ll be using the watch to track your workouts, and GPS mode uses more power than the baseline smartwatch mode. Even so, the Enduro can last 70 hours on nonstop GPS mode with just one charge, and up to 80 hours when using solar power. It’s safe to say that you’ll be covered for any runs, whether that’s a quick jog around the block, a 100-mile race in the mountains, or crazy-long transition workout.

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Hill updates 

With Garmin’s ClimbPro feature, the Enduro can give you updates and information on your route, so you can see any hills you’re running toward. ClimbPro will show the hill’s gradient, its total distance from bottom to top and the elevation gain. This will be especially helpful for trail runners, as most of the time, the only hill you can see is the one right in front of you. With the Garmin Enduro, you can plan ahead for the hills coming your way. It won’t help with the physical side of things, but mentally, you’ll be well prepared.

Rest timer 

Your run time doesn’t stop in a race when you take a break at an aid station, but the Enduro’s rest timer can still keep track of these pauses. If you turn the rest timer on before your race, whenever you stop, your overall time won’t pause, but your watch will time how long you wait before getting back to running. This won’t seem important during a race, but it can help you afterward. You might find that you spend too much time at aid stations, and knowing this can help you cut back on your mid-race breaks, which will ultimately improve your race results.

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Recovery and workout tips 

You know that recovery is important, but it can be hard to know when your body needs a break. Since the Enduro will track all of your exercise and your sleep patterns, it can let you know when to rest and for how long. The watch can also recommend specific workouts based on your training load and recovery, which can make training less of a guessing game, since the Enduro’s suggestions will be 100 per cent catered to you.

Photo: Garmin

Constant connection 

The Enduro has built-in navigation and connectivity features, so you can be confident that you won’t get lost, no matter where you choose to run or ride. If you pair your Enduro with a Garmin inReach Mini Satellite, you can also remain connected with friends and family, and you can share your location from wherever you may be. Finally, if you’re out on a trail run and you fall and get hurt, you can activate an SOS notification, and emergency responders will be able to track you via your watch.

The Garmin Enduro is available now, starting at $1,250, and can be purchased on the Garmin website.