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The new Garmin Edge 130 and Edge 520 Plus feature new tools for triathletes

Garmin have added to their line-up of Edge GPS bike computers with the 130 and 520 Plus. They’ve also updated the Varia RTL510¬†rearview radar and light. These features improve an already reliable line-up of offerings and bring trickle down navigation features to more affordable devices for triathletes of all levels.

Edge 130

The Edge 130 is a computer geared for users who don’t need all the in-depth training features of the high-end Edge models while offering useful navigation features. It still tracts all the training metrics you’ll like to see during rides. The number of features packed into this small device makes it an excellent upgrade for those currently using the¬†Edge 20 or 25 models or even an old Edge 500. Featuring a 1.8″ screen and a five-button interface, the computer is designed to be easy to use on road, trails or city streets. Connectivity includes receiving messages from your smartphone and even a new weather page.

With downloadable routes and turn prompt you can sit down before a ride to map it out. Then once on the road, visual and audible cues will prompt you to follow your route. The Edge 130 tracks distance, elevation change and speed while riding. The device is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensor devices like heart rate monitors or power meters.

Other features include LiveTrack so friends and relatives can follow your riding. With 15 hours of battery life, you can rely on it for long rides as well.

The Edge 130 will be available by itself for US$200 or in a mountain bike bundle paired with a mountain bike mount for those who like to dabble in XTERRA racing as well for $250.

Edge 520 Plus

The latest mid-range bike computer from Garmin is the Edge 520 Plus which features advanced navigation, the excellent performance monitoring capabilities of its predecessors and connectivity. Riders can use Garmin Cycle Maps to navigate, follow mapped out routes or explore new areas they are visiting. With turn-by-turn directions for on or off-road routes used by fellow riders, users can rely on routes they’ve mapped out or automatically generated routes through Garmin’s Course Creator through the device.

To stay connected with riding friends, the Edge 520 Plus allows GroupTrack, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in technology to advice loved ones if there is an on road incident. For performance-oriented riders, the device is compatible with ANT+ power meters like the new Vector 3 to track advanced power metrics. The TrainingPeaks Connect IQ allows users to have their plans on the screen of their device.

With the Best Bike Split app on the device, riders can monitor their progress able to see how changes in weight, power and drag affect their goals.

The Edge 520 Plus will be priced on its own for US$280 or in a road bundle with cadence and speed sensor for US$380. The mountain bike bundle with mountain bike mount, Edge remote control and silicone case will retail of US$330.


Varia RTL510

The new Varia RTL510 rearview radar and light is an updated safety device for cyclists. The device can send visible and audible alerts when vehicles up to 153 yards away are detected approaching from behind. The tail light is highly visible with Garmin saying it’s visible 1.6 km away in daylight in both solid and flashing modes.

The new sleek vertical design should easily mount to the seat post of most bikes. Both of the Edge 130 and Edge 520 Plus devices are compatible with Varia devices.

The Varia RTL510 has 15 hours of battery life in day flash mode and six hours in night flash or solid mode. It will retail for US$200. A bundle option with the RTL510 rearview radar and display unit retails for $300.