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Garmin Connect is coming back, but some Strava updates might take a week

Systems starting to be restored after four-day "outage"

Photo by: Garmin

Triathletes around the world are breathing a sigh of relief – Garmin Connect services appear to be coming back on line and recent workouts are starting to upload as normal, even to third-party services.

It might take a while, though, for workouts to update to Strava, based on a post from the company’s support page – which warns it could take up to a week to work through the back log.

According to the update page on Garmin connect, the system is not completely back up and running and the company’s sites still say that they are “currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin.com and Garmin Connect. This outage also affects our call centers, and we are currently unable to receive any calls, emails or online chats.”

Garmin’s site went down last Thursday, July 23. On the weekend reports suggested that the company had been the victim of a ransomware program called WastedLocker.

Garmin has offered more information through an FAQ page, which included assurances that customer data was not lost during the outage.

Was any Garmin Connect customer data lost during the outage?

Although Garmin Connect is not accessible during the outage, activity and health and wellness data collected from Garmin devices during the outage is stored on the device and will appear in Garmin Connect once the user syncs their device.

While it is possible to plug a watch or cycling head unit into your computer and manually download activities, many users utilize Garmin’s cloud services through Garmin Connect to download their activities and upload workouts to platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks, which is why the four-day outage has caused so much consternation with athletes around the world.