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Frodeno signs with TheMagic5 swimming goggles

New custom-made and custom-fitted goggles use app to scan your face for a perfect fit

Photo by: TheMagic5

Jan Frodeno completed an Ironman at his home in Girona, Spain, in April, raising over US$250,000 for healthcare workers in Girona and Laureus Sport for Good. For the 3.8 km swim in his counter-current pool the 2008 Olympic gold medalist and three-time Kona champion used a pair of TheMagicFive Blue Magic Mirror Silver goggles.

According to a release from the company, after his epic “at-home” full-distance day Frodeno reached out, “expressing interest in a partnership.” He has since signed a multi-year partnership.

“I was intrigued by the concept and have been amazed by how the product lives up to its promises,” Frodeno says. “A lot of other brands claim a perfect or premium fit, but they’re all one-size-fits-all. These goggles are different. They are custom-made, and that means they actually fit you.”

Photo: TheMagic5

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, TheMagic5 “makes the world’s first and only custom-fitted swimming goggles, designed to match the contours of a user’s face,” according to the release. Customers use a mobile app to do a facial scan that captures “unique data points used to model the nose bridge, gasket and other custom components of the goggles.”

I went through the process to order a pair of goggles to review – it’s very easy and only takes a few minutes. There are a number of different tints available that include mirrored options – we ordered the indoor/ outdoor package that includes two pairs of goggles, the Blue Magic geared for indoor or low-light conditions, and the Blue Magic Mirror Gold that’s more versatile and suitable for outdoor swimming. The next day I got an email from the company letting me know that the scan had been validated and that production was starting for the goggles. We’ll post a review of the custom-made goggles once we’ve had a chance to try them out.

Photo: TheMagic5

For now, though, we can report that Jan Frodeno, who is renowned for being very exact with his equipment choices, is happy with his new partnership.

“I’ve never felt more comfortable in the water,” Frodeno says. “These goggles get me excited to swim.”