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Four reactions to the Huub Varga goggles

— By Dan Walker

We tested out Huub’s Varga googles, designed for and named after Slovakian ITU swim star Richard Varga who regularly clocks top swim splits in WTS and world cup races.


If you’re looking to switch up your goggle choice this winter or find a great stocking stuffer for a triathlete this holiday season, we recommend checking out the Vargas. After some test swims, we’ve summed up our impressions of the goggles through Gifs.


The Huub Vargas do a great job of forming a solid seal around your eyes, without uncomfortable suction. That means more time focusing on technique and less on the pool water that burns your eyes.  So you can start to look like this: 

Instead of this:

The lens is a great shape and size, provides excellent visibility and won’t fog up or scratch easily. Plus the smoke lens option makes you feel epic, like you’re Michael Phelps in this UA ad: 

The frame and gasket are soft and comfortable for the duration of your swim, making the Vargas a great option for long workouts as well as full and half distance races.

Even though it’s a race goggle, the Varga offers great visibility in all directions. So you can see your age-group rivals sitting on your hip… or whatever else is out there swimming with you.