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Enhance your foot recovery with this care kit from Trihard

Welcome care for the wear and tear training does to your feet

Photo by: Matt Stetson

As we gear up to an event, no matter the distance, our feet tend to take a hammering. Trihard, an athlete driven skin and hair care brand, has developed a foot care kit that prioritizes our toes, promotes recovery, and enhances comfort and performance.

A foot soak and scrub, who has time for that? For most of us, the idea of sitting with a foot bath is a luxury our time hungry schedules can’t afford, and my thoughts were exactly in line when I set out to try Trihard’s Active Foot Soak. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Trihard had considered the need to be convenient and easy to use as much as they had considered the over all effect of the products: fresh, light and incredibly soft feet.

It is super-quick and easy to set up: I grabbed an old washing up bowl, poured in some hot water from the tap and added some of recovery salts. The Tea tree and menthol offered a fresh and inviting scent as soon as I added the salts to the water and have antimicrobial properties eliminate bacteria and the associated nasty odours.

Together with the tea tree, the red algae and a blend of essential oils are said to reduce fatigue and soften the skin. I soaked my feet for the recommended 15 to 20 mins and they felt great; incredibly fresh and so much softer than before.

I found the Epsom and Dead Sea salts dried my skin a little, so I would recommend a foot cream to follow unless you are actively seeking this effect, of course, as might be the case for anyone suffering with blisters or similar.

Building on the convenience of the range, the 100ml bottle of Trihard’s Active Foot Exfoliating Soap is portable and the perfect size for carry on luggage. In addition, the pumice is built in to the design so you don’t need to worry about getting one before use. Unfortunately this does raise other, hygiene oriented, concerns, so I would prefer the pumice to be provided separately in the pack so that it could be washed and stored in a dry area. The current design is a bit messy to use, and the liquid continues to squeeze from the bottle as you rub your feet with the pumice resulting in an excess of soap. With this, there is a high chance that the lid will be reapplied while the pumice is damp (and the bottle will be stored in a dark gym bag or bathroom cupboard), thus providing ideal conditions for bugs to grow.

Like the Active Foot Soak, the Exfoliating Soap smells good and softens the skin as you might expect. The pumice stone and naturally derived seed particles also help improve circulation and so promote recovery and ease the aches and pains that are associated with fatigue.

The Active Foot Pre & Post Workout Spray, the first and/or last step in Trihard’s recommended foot-care kit, can be applied before your workout to prevent friction and avoid associated blisters. Post workout, the menthol and tea-tree offer that fresh, hydrated feeling and, together with a blend of oils, help to disinfect and deodorize your feet and shoes. This prevents the chances of fungus infections that are commonly associated with sweaty feet.

I tested the pre- and post-workout spray before my workout, and followed the two step treatment with the Active foot soak and exfoliating soap. I found the products complemented one another well and my feet were left feeling incredibly light, soft and refreshed. That said, I also found the pre- and post-workout spray perfect for regular application throughout the day, especially in hot, tiring conditions and/or for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Like the exfoliating soap, the pre- and post-workout spray comes in convent easy to carry bottles making this an easy option.

Generally speaking, unless it fits in with my day to day schedule, such as a quick 15 minutes in the sauna after a swim, I am not the sort to dedicate a lot of time to luxurious activities. Trihard’s foot-care kit, though, offers a true sense of luxury in a quick, easy to use, convenient manner and leaves your feet feeling soft, fresh and well cared for. More so, the ingredients within the products are carefully selected to boost circulation, reduce fatigue and eliminate bacteria and, as such, they promote recovery and enhance performance.