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deboer launches rugged Groove 1.0 for everyday training

Training suit from high-end wetsuit manufacturer can also serve as racing suit

Photo by: deboer

Used by some of the biggest names in the sport, deboer wetsuits are renowned for their flexibility and buoyancy. Today the company has launched a new suit, the Groove 1.0, that’s designed to retain many of the high-end features the brand is known for, but also incorporates a “rugged design to stand up to the rigors of everyday training.”

While some athletes will use this as a training suit, saving the more expensive Fjord suits for racing day, others will use this as their only wetsuit for training and racing. In these times with limited access to pools, many athletes are using their wetsuit a lot more than they would in previous years – the Groove 1.0 will give them confidence that they’ll get more life out of the suit for all their training and racing needs.

Kristian Blummenfelt will be one of the favourites for gold at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Photo: Deboer

“We are very excited about the Groove 1.0 wetsuit,” says Alex de Boer, the co-founder of deboer. “The Groove 1.0 introduces deboer to a new price point, at under US$900 (the suit retails for $1,131 in Canada). It’s a wetsuit athletes have been asking us for. Many athletes have told us they want to save their Fjord 2.0 for race day, much like deep carbon wheels or fast shoes that some athletes reserve for race day. The Groove 1.0 is robust enough to be a daily training wetsuit, while it is also at home on any start line. Triathletes are some of the hardest working athletes in the world, and they need equipment that can stand up to the rigors of training to reach their goals. The Groove 1.0 is that everyday wetsuit.”

The new suit features 44Cell HBF-Limestone neoprene with 1.5 mm DuraStretch neoprene used in the arms. Special stability panels help maintain a proper swim position, while the AquaGrip grooves increase surface area in contact with the water, and the material also features GlideSkin coating to reduce friction. Designed for temperatures down to 12 degrees Celsius, you’ll be able to hit the water from the spring to the fall.

The Groove 1.0 wetsuit is available now. Click here for more in formation.

Ben Kanute. Photo: deboer