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Get Ready for Open Water Swims with a New Wetsuit

Triathlon Magazine Canada TYR Hurricane C3 Wetsuit

Winning Wetsuits
Training and racing in Canada means you’ll need a wetsuit. With so many great options on the market, how do you choose? Less experienced swimmers will want thicker suits that provide maximum buoyancy and optimal body position in the water. Stronger swimmers look for extra-stretchable neoprene for flexibility. Fit, however, is essential. The most technologically sophisticated suit will only work if it fits. Below we check out a range of suits with lots of aquadynamic and dragreducing features. We’re certain there’s one here for you.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Blueseventy Helix Fullsuit
Blueseventy Helix Fullsuit
The Helix is one of the best investments you can make to decrease your swim times, particularly over the longer distances. A favourite among experienced swimmers, the Helix has five distinct levels of Neoprene thickness. Different panels maximize buoyancy where you need it, while others maintain f lexibility and range-of-motion in order to access your power throughout the stroke. Welded seams are strong and comfortable. The reverse zipper takes some getting used to and an additional set of hands to put on, but it is definitely more comfortable and enables an incredibly fast transition. This is among the fastest wetsuits we’ve tested.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Xterra Vendetta Pro Full Wetsuit
Xterra Vendetta Pro Full Wetsuit
Xterra wetsuits are sold directly through the company’s website to keep prices lower. The Vendetta is Xterra’s top-of-the-line wetsuit and it’s crazy fast. Supreme buoyancy is achieved by the X-f lex liner and the Nano-Super Composite Skin coating, maintaining an industry-leading 0.02 drag coefficient. Two thin layers of neoprene enclose pockets of air to lift your body, reduce drag and increase speed. Six anatomically-correct arm and shoulder panels reduce shoulder fatigue. Forearm panels increase feel through the “catchpull” phase. A fully-adjustable Velcro neck closure and lower-profile collar increases comfort and helps keep water out. Construction makes use of 5 mm thick front panels and thinner 3 mm thick back panels. For the experienced triathlete, the Vendetta is an investment worth making.

Triathlon Magazine Canada TYR Hurricane C3 Wetsuit
TYR Hurricane C3 Wetsuit
The C3 delivers many of features of the C5 at a fraction of the cost. It combines 38 and 39 cell Yamamoto neoprene, maximizing flexibility and buoyancy. The Nano scs coating adds to the C3’s aquadynamic profile. Five separate stabilization panels increase comfort by eliminating constriction and encouraging a long reach, but they also raise the core thereby reducing drag. Catch panels in the forearm help maintain a feel for the water, but the wrist cuffs also keep water out. Quick Release Ankle Cuffs make for a super fast T1. This is one of the top performing wetsuits on the market.

Triathlon Magazine Canada 2XU R3 Race Wetsuit

2XU R3 Race Wetsuit $400
This mid-range suit has upgraded to Yamamoto’s latest neoprene technology: 2xu’s Concave Water Entrapment Zones (cwez) on the forearm, a Rollbar for improved core positioning, Floating Zip Panels, improve distance per stroke, while Velocity Strakes work to maximize buoyancy and speed. A 4.5 mm Front Buoyancy Panel raises body position for optimal streamlining while seamless shoulder and arm panels enhance f lexibility. Amplified lateral f lexibility, encouraging a long and powerful stroke, is achieved by 2xu’s proprietary 520 per cent Stretch Lining. With 12 sizes it is easy to find the perfect fit and 2xu’s two-year warranty speaks to the company’s strong customer service.

Triathlon Magazine Canada Zoot Women's Z Force 1.0 Wetzoot
Zoot Women’s Z Force 1.0 Wetzoot
If you are new to triathlon and, in particular, new to wearing a wetsuit, this is the suit for you. With gender-specific shaped panels, Zoot optimizes fit for an incredible value performance suit. Comfortable through the shoulders and at the neck, newer athletes will really appreciate the lack of constriction on the Z Force 1.0. The dorsalf lex zipper stretches to move with your body, which also eases the sense of tightness first-time wetsuit users often experience. Many triathletes kick minimally, yet Zoot offsets this with their Optimal Kick Design ensuring more power throughout your kick. Although it’s an entry-level suit, it performs well beyond its price point.