It’s a triathlon essential, bike pumps. Whether you’re pumping your tires up before a race or after a flat on the road, bike pumps are essential to any triathlete. Even more important is a bike pump you can rely on in any situation. Here are three options that are sure to keep you happy, whether you’re looking for a mini-pump for on the road, a floor pump for home, or a travel pump to keep things going at a training camp or race.

SILCA Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump 158$

If you’re the kind of person who likes to dial in your tire pressure to exactly the right number, this is the mini pump for you. This pocket wonder can also be affixed to your bike, but for those of us seeking the ultimate in aero setups, you can easily hide this behind your saddle too. The unique design puts the housing and valve inside the inner tube, so you get more air per stroke than other pumps of similar design. That means you’ll pump up your tire quickly and, thanks to the innovative Bluetooth pressure gauge that connects to your Android or Apple device, you’ll be able to dial in the exact pressure you want. No more just getting enough air in the tire to get home – now, you can continue your ride with confidence. With a maximum pressure of 120 psi, the Tattico Mini-Pump serves wee for travel too.

PRO TEAM HP FloorPump 117$

There’s nothing like a good floor pump to get your tires ready for that next ride. You know, a reliable one that seals quickly and easily provides lots of pressure with every stroke and is durable enough to get thrown into the back of the car as you head off to your next workout or race. Pro Team’s HP FloorPump lives up to all those expectations and more. The durable alloy barrel provides lots of pressure, while the wooden handle is easy to grip and will also last. The snaplock EZ head will accept Presta and Schrader valves, and the industrial-quality gauge will provide an accurate measurement.

SPECIALIZED Air Tool ComPak Floor Pump 185$

Having picked one of these up in desperation at a race a few years ago, we’ll happily report that it is one of the best investments we’ve ever made. This lightweight wonder is as efficient as a standard floor pump but folds down into a compact case that’s easy to stuff into a suitcase or bike bag. The handle stores two tire levers and patches, comes off for travel, but is easily attached so that you can get pumping your tires in a few seconds. The thread on Presta or Schrader head is easy to connect and there’s a gauge in the tube so you can dial in the exact pressure – up to 200 psi if you so desire.

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